July Newsletter

Hello all! I’m trying something a little different where a newsletter is concerned. Is this a newsletter? A podcast? An audio blog? Something in between? Regardless, it’s going to be a journey. And I’d love for you all to join me! You can listen to my newsletter by clicking the embed above, or you can read the audio transcription at the bottom of the page if that is your preference.

This month, we’ve got:

  • an exciting new project with Realm involving time travel!
  • a collaborative writing project called Many Worlds
  • updates on No Gods, No Monsters

…and more! Don’t forget to check out all of my upcoming events here.

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Audio Transcription

This was a really, really cool experience in collaborative storytelling. I got to work with some great writers, some up and comers like Justin C. Key and Nicole Glover, but also some well-established, strong writers like Karen Lord, who is a really important figure in the Caribbean spec community. 

We had many meetings. We brought in a consultant, and we had development conversations with people at Realm, and we made this thing and we’re very, very close to the end. We probably have another revision to go before getting ready for this project to be out in the world. But keep that on your radar. I’ll give you updates as things move forward, which would probably be very quickly. 

The other thing that I’ve been working on that I’m very excited about is a project called Many Worlds. It’s a collective of authors (some authors that you might know from the speculative fiction community and some other writers that I have met throughout my journey as a writer) coming together to create a shared multiverse with short stories. Some of them stand alone. Some of them fit into a larger meta-narrative. 

I’m not just excited about the concept itself. I’m very excited about having something that brings in a bunch of different authors that are doing really fantastic work and sharing creativity and benefiting from creativity as a collective, using solidarity in art to raise all ships. And I’m very optimistic that this is the kind of project that will do that. Expect some more news from that coming out in the fall.

In book news, No Gods, No Monsters is still set for September 7th, 2021, and I just turned in my editorial notes.

The circumstances from which this book was made were definitely complicated. I was on tour a lot for The Lesson. I was having some difficulty, to be honest, adjusting to the new life of being a writer, having a public facing self when, for very for a very long time, it was just me alone in a room. 

And I was nervous. I didn’t know if I could really do it. 

There’s a version of me as a writer that exists solely in my head that gets everything right. And then there’s the writer that does the thing. When I reread, I’m very critical. I don’t consider this to be a perfect book. I don’t consider anything that I’ve ever made to be perfect. But, getting an opportunity to read through it from beginning to end, I realized again I was proud of it. 

I personally get very excited about audiobooks. Within the next few months, there’s going to be an audiobook of this thing. I can’t wait to listen to it. And I can’t wait for this book to be out in the world and for you all to read it. And I hope you like it.

I still get a kick out of having conversations with people about anything that they read that I wrote. I’m so appreciative of readers. This is a crazy book I put my heart and soul and all my mind into it. I just can’t wait for it to be accessible to all. 

Thank you in advance.

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